Shipping an auto is safe, efficient and often less expensive than driving when fuel, time, and wear and tear are all considered. The car can take from 1 ½ week to 3 ½ weeks depending on where it is going.


Vehicle from US to PR

  • Copy of the vehicle’s title and a copy of your driver’s license.
  • You need to access Hacienda.Gobierno.PR. This application allows you to obtain an estimate of the excise tax paid to Puerto Rico when importing a motor vehicle.

Vehicle from PR to US

  • Certificate in original from ACAA - free of fines (Valid for 20 days).
  • Notarized Sworn Statement - authorizing Pan American Latino Express, Inc. and Crowley PR Services  to conduct all transactions necessary for the proper exportation of your vehicle. Must include all car information.
  • Vehicle registration (licencia de vehículo)
  • Title (or authorization from the Financial Institution, if financed)
  • Copy of Driver’s License (owner), if owner is not present a notarized letter of authorization must also be provided.
  • $10 voucher from Internal Revenue Department with Code 5122 and a $2.00 voucher with code 842. You also need to buy 3 stamps:  $10 stamp with Code 5120, $1.00 stamp with code 5120 and a $2.00 stamp with Code 842 to take to Obras Públicas. (Comprobante de $10 de Exportación de Vehículos y sello de $2.00 con los códigos mencionados).
  • Certificate from Department of Motor Vehicles indicating vehicle is free of fines with the 3 stamps mentioned above (Valid for 2 days). (En Obras Públicas solicitar Certificación Oficial de no Multas Administrativas y le entregan los 3 sellos para que se los pongan al Certificado y le pongan el matasellos de DTOP).
  • Motor Vehicle Exportation Certificate from Division of Stolen Vehicles. (Policía)
  • Receipt from pressure washing vehicle (motor, undercarriage, exterior).